Other teachers and staff at St. Joseph VTC

Father Gilbert Sarimbo is assistant headmaster. He teaches among other things morals.

Dorcasy Gabriel Shoo is the school's secretary. She also teaches English.

Mohamed Batega Soud teaches mechanics Level 2 and 3.
Alex Mlau, Timothy MungureVumilia Lema and John Daudi work/teach in the workshop.

Erick Macha is computer teacher at St. Joseph VTC.

Brother Cosmas Kulagwa and Doreen Minja work in the tailoring production.

Anthony Mmary teaches the secretary course.
Joseph Timothy Assi works as part-time teacher in that area.

John Mmbando and Lucy Moshi are the new RAC teachers.

Robert Nyuma and Emmanuel Raphael teach the new auto-electric course.

Teresia Ngawo is part-time driving instructor.

Evarist Mosha is St. Joseph VTC's gardener.
Albert Mireni is responsable for all repairs and maintenance works.

Neema Msagati and Wilherd Assey are the school's cooks.

Daniel Nnko, Emmanuel Palangjo and Elibariki Nnko work in shifts as watchmen.

Teachers at St. Joseph VTC, 17.02.2016