Father Calistus Tarimo

From September 2010 to October 2011 Father Calistus was St. Joseph VTC's Project manager. That was not his only task: He was also purser of ALCP Province Africa, manager of the farm in Sabuko, of Ashe Engai health centre and of the new secondary school in Karanzi. Dealing with that many tasks at one time he often didn't have enough time for St. Joseph VTC.
In September 2012 he was in Rom in order to study "pastoral theory".
In October 2014 Father Calistus started as new old headmaster of the VTC. 

In November 2015 Father Calistus was elected as the new Superior of the African Province for a period of 6 years by the members of ALCP/OSS. In December 2015, he handed over his responsibilities as the VTC's headmaster to Father Veri Urio Mturushwe.

Winyson Mwanga and Father Calistus Tarimo