Vocational Training under the Kilimanjaro

Bomangombe on the important National Road 23 between Arusha and Moshi - the international airport Kilimanjaro (JRO) is only a 20 minutes' drive away
Map of the Kilimanjaro Region

Vocational training is the key to economic and social development in Africa.  After attending a general school most young people in Tanzania move on to employment without training. The level of quality in almost all areas of economy and management is according. And, correspondingly, the possibilities to feed yourself and a family due to your job performance are bad. The problem is that great that you think you can solve it only structurally: with development programs and good advice. But you can start at almost any place to do something about it: for example, build and operate a vocational school.

The Vocational Training Centre St. Joseph VTC is located in Bomangombe, a rapidly growing town at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Project partner and school operator in Tanzania is a small Catholic order of priests: ALCP/OSS. The students’ selection is made without regard to religious or tribal affiliations. The students are trained according to the national curricula of VETA. The majority of the students stay in school, because experience has shown that students attending a school only during the day are involved that strongly in the domestic work (field work, water transport ...) after returning home in the evening that the subject matter can not be refinished and the connection to the proficiency level of internal students is rarely achieved.

The construction and development of the VTC has so far been funded solely by private donations because the workshops are not yet established enough in the market to contribute to the operational cost and the scholarship fund. It is the aim of the sponsors and operators to develop the capacity of the School as well as the professionalism of the workshops to an international level that the VTC can stand on its own feet – or at least almost. There are still needed substantial efforts. We ask for your help.

This website wants to inform you about the start and continuation of the project up to the current development of the school. It will also offer you experiences and impressions of the project work and the educational landscape of Tanzania. Select the themes and shortcuts from the menu.

Data & Facts

Courses and students (April 2016):

  • Motor Vehicles Mechanics (2-3 year course) 88 students
  • Secretarial (2-3 years) 22 students
  • Auto-Electric (2-3 years) 15 students [NEW 2016]
  • Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning (2-3 years) 15 students [NEW 2016]
  • Computer courses (3-months-courses) up to 20 participants
  • Driving courses (cars 1-2 months-courses) up to 30 participants