Vienna 2003 - An Encounter With Consequences

Shortly after our encounter in Vienna, Beatus got elected to be the Provincial Superior for Africa of the ALCP/OSS
Rev. Dr. Beatus Urassa

Vienna, Summer 2003

After a long walk through the vineyards outside Vienna my wife and I had found an empty table in one of the gardens albeit with a sign »reserved« on it. But when a local couple and a black man approached our table, they did not mind us staying. Soon we got engaged in a pleasant conversation, exchanged our wherefroms and wheretos , shared the cheese platter and the carafes of wine and so the black man became Rev. Dr. Beatus Urassa, a catholic priest from Tanzania. His theological studies had once been sponsored by a Lady from Vienna. Many years later he had the chance to travel to Austria and wanted to thank her. But the lady had died, so her daughter had invited the unexpected visitor to one of the popular vineyards in the outskirts of Vienna. Parting on this evening, I gave Dr. Urassa my card and we invited him to visit us in Stuttgart, Germany.

Stuttgart, Germany, February 2004

The sorry state of this board with its fading painting doomed the future of the remotly situated school.
The Signboard For The Old VTC In Karanzi

It was father Beatus's second visit to our home in Stuttgart, when he presented us the plans to relocate an unfortunate little vocational school from Karanzi in the barely reachable hinterland of Sanya Juu to the busy main road between Moshi and Arusha, where more repair business could be generated to sustain the teaching operation, which currently is not the case and the school project may have to be shut down. This looked like a project, I thought I could oversee, and I promised to help financing the project with the »second half« of what funds are needed. This I wrote in a letter »to whom it may concern« and gave it to Beatus. The first commitment came from the Vincentians in Cologne. Which I doubled, and this is how work got on the way.