Help Is Coming From Many Directions

The first 8 tailoring students posing for the camera in their school uniforms: wite blouses, black skirts, and blach ties with with diagonal stripes
Tailoring Class in Uniform

In the summer 'I had contacted the German foreign office to see what their opinion about the VTC Project was. And also I wanted to find out, what kind of help could be expected or obtained from the German government. The most valid tip was to contact the German Ambassador in Daressalam, who has a budget for "small projects support", allowing to contribute up to 15,000 Euro to a project; and the VTC would fit into the requirements nicely.

The journey with Father Beatus to Daressalam was worth the flight tickets from Kilimanjaro Airport with Precision Air. His Excellency, Mr. Guido Herz invited us to his office and gave us almost an hour to explain our project of a new workshop cum classroom building for the tailoring classes. I offered to double any contribution of the Embassy he could afford. The budget for 2009  was empty though, but he would see to that the project would be included in the 2010 budget. What a promise (although given under the condition of approval from the person in charge of the small project programm) and what a relief! In February 2010 the construction work could beginn.

Now the future of the rather spontaneously started experiment to establish tailoring as an occupation in the VTC could be continued. This would finally bring girls to the school and fill the capacity in the girls' dormitory.

Another Great Donation: 25 PC For the Computer Class

The Belgian organisation "Close the Gap" and the Lyons Club of Moshi teamed up under the restless persuasion of Mr. Peter Zoth, who also donated a considerable amount to the completion of this project. "Close The Gap" collects second hand PCs cleans them and sends them to shools in the developping world. KLM Airlines donates the airlifting.  The Lyons Club of Moshi and their active member Mr. Nitu Singh not only installed the PC and their operating systems but also donated the UPS system and all the cables. The classroom had to be airconditioned to be able to keep the doors and windows shut. Otherwise the omnipresent dust would considerably shorten the live of the computers.

With the computer room, the VTC not only can offer computer courses which can add to the operating cost of the school, but also comply with the VETA's requirement to offer some computer training for all occupations being trained in the school.

The Water Tower

Though the school compound was connected to the main water line form the beginning, it was a big wish to drill for a well to get cheaper water at least for watering all the trees and plants. Also it is forseeable that the capacity of the water lines would be limited when the town was growing. The water pressure of the line was so irregular that pressure peaks were more then often breaking the pipes, requiring hydraulic piping to connect washbasins etc.

A drilling in 2008 led to bitter water in 300 ft. Also a submersible pump had been donated. Now a water tower was required to hold the water tanks and distribute water at an even pressure.

It were Nino and his friend Mario from Italy who convinced the Rotary Club of Trento to donate 5.000 Euro towards the building of the water tower. I stood to my promise and doubled this contribution.

The water tower was built in October 2009 and its tanks connected to the well and the water line. Now there is water for irrigating the plants. And the water pressure problem is  solved. But the fresh water capacity question is still lingering. But maybe a second, even deeper drill will help...