With Holy Water and Folklore

The official opening of the St. Joseph VTC in May 2008 was worth a special trip to Tanzania. I had my son Sebastian with me, a treat for his help to design the first website for the VTC. Picking us up from the airport the day before, Beatus didn't want to turn off at the new signpost on the Road; he wanted the decoration for the festivities to be a surprise for us.

"The access road?" I asked. "Well, not ready, but they have sent a Caterpillar down once to mark a path."

"And the electric line?" "Has also not reached the scholl yet, but they just started to set the poles." The school had started in January relying on a small borrowed generator for electircity without three phase current available! How long was this going to go on?

The Rt. Rev. Isaac Amani, bishop of Moshi in full ornate, wearing the tiara,  cuts the ribbon under the watchful eyes of Father Beatus and other Fathers of the ALCP/OSS. Sebastian is seen taking a photo on the right.
Cutting the Ribbon

The opening ceremony was led by the bishop of Moshi. After a mass, some lengthy speeches and the singing performance of two choirs the whole party marched to the workshop compound to celebrate in African Style: In the open coach hall, a table was rigged up in grand style in front of a wall all dressed with shiny satin cloth and white and pink balloons to seat the special guests. Opposite chairs were facing the table like an audience. While the special guest were served the other guest had to balance ther food in their laps.

A Masai choir was giving a performance and the police band put on another great show. Also the seminarians of the ALCP in Sabuko came to sing a special song in German for me. Later the bishop left early to give the young folk a chance to enjoy themselves dancing to modern pop music without being watched by the church's authorities. Then also the more serious boozing began...

Mechatronic Promise

Among the special guests was an engineer from Daimler AG, Alfred Menzel. He is currently training the trainers for a mechatronic traininig centre in Malawi. and was sent to Bomangombe to see, how the chances to develop a mechatronic training at the VTC too.  He was very positively impressed and optimistic and promised to help whenever we are further in our building process.