How You Can Double Your Donation

Photographed in Summer 2009.
Eberhard Leitz

I, Eberhard Leitz, promise, that I shall double your capital contribution for building St. Joseph VTC, Bomangombe within the limits of my annual budget. (If you intend to make a contribution of more than 10,000 Euro, please contact me, so we can coordinate transfer dates and utilisation of your donation.)

Proof of your donation must be notified to me either

  1. by Beatus Urassa, Superior of the ALCP/OSS Province Africa with a copy of a bank statement of the ALCP St.Joseph Bank Account. (He will also inform you about my doubling contribution.)
  2. or by the Louis Leitz Stiftung, Stuttgart Germany who will in turn inform me about your donation and, acting as a trustee, will inform you of my doubling contribution

Your bank transfer document must be stating

  • your name and address (otherwise we cannot contact you to confirm the doubling contribution),
  • the dedication "Building VTC Bomangombe" and
  • the amount of your contribution