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Account number: 19J2041422300
Swift code: CORUTZTZ
The name of the Bank: CRDB BANK - MOSHI BRANCH
The adress of the Bank: P.O. BOX 1302 MOSHI - TANZANIA

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The Program is financed by a scholarship fund which relies on donations from private supporters, charitable organisations and their members. A surplus in the school’s finances will also contribute to the fund, if not needed for investments.

Mission Statement:

The fund shall enable the School to select those young people as students who are most capable and suited for the education and profession they applied for regardless of their or their families’ capability to pay the school fees and other related expenses of their education.

Governing organisational Principles of the Program

  • The accounts of the scholarship fund are kept separate from the general school funds.
  • Scholarships can only be granted within the financial capabilities of the fund.
  • Applicants must have been accepted to the school (which is by merit only).
  • The neediness of a student for support must be proved by reference or personal inspection to the discretionary satisfaction of the fund’s management.
  • Scholarships are only granted for one school year; but may be renewed provided the student has performed satisfactory in his studies and has proved to be a positive member of the school. (This requires obedience to the school regulations, being helpful to the faculty and his fellow students and a generally good social behaviour.)
  • Scholarships are granted as partial scholarships only. It is expected, that the student and his family pays a contribution to the school fees and the other expenses according to their capabilities. Only in case of sudden and unexpected need, a full scholarship can be granted for a limited period, to allow a student to finish the education or a term.
  • The program is not providing individual sponsoring relationships between single donors and single students. (Brokerage of such relationships is leading to a vicious circle between finding sponsors for students in time, high administrational workload to the fund management and leads to unrealistic expectations on both sides).
  • The fund is managed by a board of 3 managing directors to be nominated by the Provincial Superior of the ALCP Africa for a maximum period of 3 years. Repeated nomination is possible.
  • One of them is the headmaster of the school.
  • Amongst themselves they decide who of them to be the president (call meetings, organise application, verify neediness, run fundraising activities), the chancellor (control finance) and the secretary (Protocols, Reports and Documentation).
  • The directors can vote up to 3 non managing advisory members to the board (e.g. major donors, government or school administrational representatives).
  • The provincial Superior has a visiting right to all board meetings.
  • All board members work pro bono for the fund.

The financial status (balance) and the use of funds (funds received and funds spent) are reported every term (twice a year) to the Provincial Superior and all donors, and contributors to the fund who wisch to receive this information by Email  (email address requiered)